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Do you want to get fit, healthy, be positive and happy with your life? Are you overwhelmed by the endless programme choices out there and not sure where or how to start? If so, then Mottley Fitness and Nutrition exists for you!

My nutrition and fitness coaching programmes

Offers a holistic approach to health which is tailored specifically for busy women by combining expert advice on nutrition with a structured exercise format. I believe that my programmes will help you become physically healthier, happier in yourself and make time for those things that matter most.

Am I your perfect fit?

  • I’ll design a tailored programme just for you, based on your goals and needs.
  • I’ll help you develop a new attitude that will motivate you to make real changes.
  • You’ll have a simpler and healthier way of eating that doesn’t follow any trends.

Personal Training Services


This programme is designed to help people who are serious about getting their bodies back into shape.
If you’ve been struggling to lose weight, then this programme is for you.

• Track your progress
• Receive personalised advice
• Stay motivated
• Learn about nutrition
• Understand your body type
• Get results
• Get Healthy
• Look Great
• Get Results

Habit Transformation Programme

Designed to help you achieve your goals without feeling overwhelmed. It’s a simple plan that focuses on making small, sustainable lifestyle changes over a period of 12 weeks. Your coach will provide encouragement and guidance throughout the programme.

• Small Changes – Focus on making small, sustainable changes each week
• Support – Your coach will be there to answer questions and offer advice
• Achieve your health and fitness goals
• Be more confident and motivated
• Have fun along the way
• Stay focused and committed

Personal online training Services

Why Losing Weight Is So Hard To Do?

The fundamental science of fat loss is actually very straightforward. Eat less, move more and create a consistent calorie deficit and you will lose fat. Simple.

Then why are so many people struggling to maintain a healthy bodyweight and control their diet, no matter how many different approaches they try?

It’s hard to lose weight.

The answer lies in the fact that your body is designed to survive, not thrive. As a result, it’s constantly trying to sabotage your efforts to lose weight by making you feel hungry when you should be full, tired when you should be energized and distracted when you need to focus on achieving your goal.

This means that if you’re serious about losing weight (and keeping it off), it’s not enough just to know what works; you also have to understand why your body is doing what it does so that you can outsmart it at every turn along the way.

There are three factors you need to focus on.
  • It is essential to have the correct mindset.
  • You must develop the right habits.
  • You need to create an environment conducive to success. (This includes your relationships with food and other people).

What’s The Worst Part About Excess Bodyfat?

  • It’s a health risk. Excess fat can lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and more.
  • It makes it hard to do things you love. It can be difficult to play sports or be physically active if you’re carrying around extra weight.
  • It’s not fun! Excess bodyfat can cause depression and make you feel self-conscious about your appearance.
Online Fitness Coaching

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What my clients say…


Senior UK Reward Advisor

“I started personal training with Anthony to reduce my body fat and increase my fitness stamina before focusing on building my strength. With the support of Anthony, I have been able to significantly reduce my body fat % within 9 months and feel considerably stronger, fitter and confident. I have learned so much! Anthony is committed, inspirational and passionate in supporting individuals and their goals.

I cannot recommend him enough!


Team Manager, Adult Services

“I can’t believe the difference to what I can manage compared to when I first started. Anthony designed my workouts based on my physical, medical and emotional needs and despite my huge issue with exercise I now look forward to my sessions and I feel amazing when I come out of a session, feeling like I smashed it. I would fully encourage anyone who hasn’t exercised for a long time or who may have some fear around exercise to get in touch with Anthony. Anyone that gets to work with him will want to match the enthusiasm he has for you to succeed since its infectious.

He really is one in a million.



“Before Anthony was my Personal Trainer, I was training with other personal trainers but wasn’t getting the results I wanted. Anthony is committed to supporting all his clients and helps with all aspects of my goal setting. Whether it’s nutrition, session planning or our PT sessions, he does it in a way that suits my needs and even my mental wellbeing too!

He is passionate about what he does and supporting me to get the results I want.


NHS – GP Practice Manager

“After a 5-month recovery from Covid-19, pneumonia and multiple clots on my lungs, I sustained several side effects including lower back pain. Being the heaviest I had ever been and now with complications, I decided to be proactive and look for a personal trainer to help me. After trying so many “quick fixes” in the past which were very unsustainable, I felt this programme was the best solution for me.

Anthony makes you realise that you need to be more accountable for your health but with his help, it is that much easier.


Mother of 3

“I chose to begin my transformation journey with Anthony as I wanted to lose weight and feel better in myself. At first, I felt a little apprehensive as I’ve never had a PT before but I’m really enjoying it – I couldn’t be happier. I would definitely recommend Anthony to anyone looking to begin their transformation – trust me you won’t look back!
Anthony has helped me to lose weight and feel better in myself. I have incorporated many new healthy habits into my life and found that I am more mindful of what goes into my body. Anthony is there to support me every step of the way. The recipes are simple yet tasty and have really changed the way I cook!

Anthony is there to support me every step of the way. I feel great!

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