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A New Way To Get Fit

It’s not easy to keep on track with your fitness and nutrition goals.

Between work, kids, a social life and a lot of other distractions, your time – and that time is precious! – spent on fitness and nutrition can slip through the net.

GetFit is a digital fitness platform where you can exercise at your own pace at just £40 a month. Inside, you’ll find a wide selection of workouts and nutrition plans suitable for all levels of fitness, from beginners to athletes who want to workout at home or in the gym.

Each workout includes video tutorials, exercise descriptions with pictures, progress tracker and more—ensuring that you never miss a step toward your goal. When you need help or just want to check in you can message me via my live chat.

Everything you need to get started is available in one location.

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Getfit Monthly Membership

Monthly Subscription
£40 / month
  • Access to a wide range of workouts
  • Access to a broad range of Nutrition Plans
  • Live Chat Support

Meet Your Coach...

Anthony is a Personal Trainer and Nutrition and Weight Management Advisor and has helped hundreds of clients create healthier lifestyles and a better work/life balance.  For the past 15 years Anthony has been helping busy professionals unlock their true potential, achieve their goals and create a lifestyle they’re truly excited about.

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