Slow Cookers: 10 Reasons Why They’re A Must-Have For Busy People


Slow cookers are perfect for those with bustling schedules, as they allow for a “set and forget” approach. Simply toss in the ingredients before heading to work, and return home to a ready-to-eat meal. Say goodbye to toiling over a scorching stove! Moreover, slow cookers can be utilised for more than just preparing meals – think melted cheese or delectable dips.

Less Mess

With a slow cooker, there’s no need to hover over a sweltering stove, which results in less mess. Moreover, slow cooker recipes often require less oil and butter, further reducing kitchen chaos. If you’ve used a slow cooker before, you’ll appreciate the convenience of a single pot, eliminating the need for multiple pots or pans with boiling water. For those concerned about excessive leftovers or cooking too much for a small household (a relatable worry), the slow cooker offers a fantastic solution: it allows for bulk cooking, ensuring everyone enjoys a fair portion of the scrumptious meal without any leftovers spoiling before they’re consumed.

Easy Cleaning

Cleaning up after a slow cooker meal is significantly more straightforward compared to tidying up after using pots or pans. Many slow cookers feature removable stoneware that’s dishwasher-safe, and some can even be microwaved—allowing you to reheat meals directly in their container. It’s a welcome relief not having to scrub pots and pans when you’re exhausted from work, not in the mood for cooking, or simply craving a hassle-free dinner.

Less Expensive Than Take-Out or Delivery

Purchasing in bulk not only saves you money but also facilitates preparing large quantities of food for freezing. This is particularly useful for slow-cooked meats like pulled pork or brisket, which can be stored in an airtight container for up to three months. Additionally, you might find that using more affordable cuts of meat is feasible, as they’ll become tender when cooked at low temperatures for extended periods in the slow cooker.

Healthy Meals, With Less Clean-Up

One of the greatest advantages of a slow cooker is that there’s no need for oil or butter in the cooking process. That’s right – say goodbye to stir-frying, sautéing, and pan-frying! Simply toss everything into the pot and let it work its magic. Slow cookers also make clean-up a breeze, as they’re self-contained units with non-stick interiors that are easy to clean after hours of cooking. With no pots or pans involved in preparing your meal, there’s no need for scrubbing them either! When it’s time for post-dinner clean-up – arguably the worst chore – you can appreciate the simplicity of the task (all thanks to your trusty slow cooker) and head out the door without feeling guilty about leaving a mess for someone else to tackle later when they return from work, school, or other daily activities.

Freezer Friendly Meals

When shopping for a slow cooker, it’s highly recommended to opt for one with a removable stoneware insert. This feature simplifies transferring food into freezer bags or containers, making it easy to freeze and store meals for future use—no need to worry about thawing time! When you’re ready to enjoy your frozen meal, simply place the frozen contents back into the slow cooker. Set the temperature to high until everything is thawed (approximately 4 hours), then lower the heat for regular cooking.

Control The Flavours of Your Food

Slow cookers are a fantastic option for busy individuals, as they provide you with the flexibility to customize the flavours of your food. Feel free to add or reduce spices according to your preference, and you can even use less meat while still achieving a delectable meal.

You’ll Start Cooking Healthier and Better Quality Food

Slow cookers offer an excellent solution for preparing healthy meals during hectic weeks. The slow cooking method enables you to manage the ingredients you incorporate, resulting in more nutrient-dense dishes. You can create custom spice blends, reduce meat portions while increasing vegetable content, or even craft your own wholesome meals with low fat and sodium levels.

Save Money by Using Less Meat & Buying in Bulk!

Slow cookers provide a convenient solution for preparing healthy meals during busy weeks. They are user-friendly and easy to clean, allowing you to cook a whole chicken for about £6, which can feed you for several days! By simply adding a few small ingredients, you can create multiple meals with minimal effort and expense. This is why slow cookers are truly worth it: they help you save money by using less meat and taking advantage of bulk buying!

Save Money and Eat Healthy

Slow cookers are not only easy to use but also perfect for busy individuals. If you’re seeking ways to save money and maintain a healthy diet without having much time to cook during the week, a slow cooker is an incredible tool! Here are some tips on how to use your slow cooker:

Prep all your ingredients beforehand: Being organized and prepared before you start cooking ensures a smoother process. Make sure all ingredients are chopped into manageable pieces to prevent burning or sticking at the bottom of the pot during long hours of low-temperature cooking (especially meat). No one wants burnt meat!

Add ingredients according to cooking times: Place everything in the pot based on how long each ingredient requires to cook properly. This prevents overcooking some items while others remain undercooked due to being added later than ingredients with shorter cooking times.

Slow cookers are an excellent way to create nutritious meals for your family. They simplify meal preparation and save time and money by facilitating bulk cooking at home, reducing the need for dining out or ordering takeout frequently. If you’re in search of a new kitchen appliance to make your life easier, consider investing in a slow cooker today!

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