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Why Choose Me?

Are you working in a busy corporate environment and juggling parenting as well? We understand the unique challenges of balancing a career with motherhood. Online coaching may be the digital prescription you need. Let us help you focus on what matters most to you: spending quality time with your family. You’ll feel like you’ve got more energy, more time and your naturally high-achieving self will shine through. Mottley Fitness and Nutrition can help you be your best self by looking great and achieving your goals, so you can go out there and hit it big while staying healthy and stress free.

My name is Anthony. I’ve worked in the project management sector and knew how difficult it can be to maintain a healthy work/life balance when you’re constantly on the go. I also know that when we cultivate our health, well-being, and quality of life, we’re able to perform better at work—and in all other areas of our lives.

With my 12+ years of experience in the fitness industry and my background in business management, I’m uniquely positioned to coach you toward becoming your best self. I’ll work with you to set goals, formulate an action plan for reaching those goals, and then track your progress over time. Whether you want to look and feel your best, improve your mood, your sleep quality, or just have more energy and vitality each day, I’m here to help.

No one should have to go through life not at their peak health and not have the work/life balance we all crave for.

Knowing Who To Trust

I believe that most people want to get healthier and live a more optimal lifestyle, I also believe that it’s not just about having enough motivation to achieve your goals, but also acquiring the right knowledge and support around how to successfully implement a healthier lifestyle.

The problem is that there are so many contradictory pieces of information out there – from training programmes that are too complicated or just don’t work, to diet plans that could actually harm your body – it can be a real challenge to know who you can trust.

Everyone deserves to live the healthiest and happiest life possible, which is why I am committed to helping my clients find and follow the best path for them. I build relationships with my clients, and I treat each person as an individual – because every person has different wants, needs, and goals.

My clients stay committed to their goals and make progress when they feel safe, valued and connected to me.

My Mission

My mission is to put the power of transformation in your hands, help you achieve the results you deserve without having to give up the things you love and what makes life worth living.

Can You Relate?

Often, health and wellbeing are severely neglected because we feel we can’t get it under control or there are more important things to take care of right now. 

But how would you feel if:

– You had time to exercise on a regular basis?
– You were inspired to create and eat healthy, exciting meals to suit your goal?
– You regained control of your body?

All of this while losing fat in a sustainable way?

Low In Carbs, High In Flavour


My Short and Sweet: Halibut en Papillote with Tomatoes, Capers & Garlic

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